The Blog Has Been Deployed

I finally created a new blog. Or at least, I completed the install for it. I haven’t posted anything on it yet, and right now if you were to go to it, it wouldn’t respond. (The site is ‘stopped’ in IIS).

My intention is to get a post published on it soon. Probably in the next day or so. You won’t see this then though. I am going to try and make sure I have a weekly post. For now, I am not trying to have anything too terribly interesting, just my rambling thoughts. The point is to build the habit, while no one is looking, and then to provide actual content before people pay attention. And if they never do, that will be ok too.

I keep thinking I want to write a book. I have a basic story concept in mind. It involves an AI (or maybe a few AI’s). It has aliens.

I have some concepts that I want to play with in the story. I want to have an optimistic view of the future and of humanity. I understand that conflict is what drives a good story, but I don’t want that to mean that humanity is presumptively evil. I get that there are evil people in the world. I don’t think they make up the majority. If that were the case, then most of the people you know would be evil. Right?

I listen to a decent number of podcasts. One of them is ‘Writing Excuses’. At the end of each episode they always provide a writing prompt. I have only used that once or twice, but I like the concept. So, for your writing prompt, write a story in which 50% of the people you know are evil.

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