Writing Samples Coming Soon

The point of this blog (I think) is for me to be able to practice writing fiction.  There will be lots of posts where I talk about random thoughts or ideas that I have.  Perhaps some posts about tools that I use (because.. why not?).  And there will be samples of fiction writing.

Now, to set some expectations (that no one will know about because they won’t have read this).  I intend to post things in a mostly unedited rough draft and then maybe post revisions as (and if) I revise it.  You are welcome and encouraged to comment on the poor writing, lack of skill, or even make suggestions.  Please keep it PG, since I will have to let my kids read any comments.

Next week I am going to post part one of 50% Evil.  You probably don’t remember that I had that as a writing prompt in a previous post.  I wrote the first part and it is ready for posting.  Except that it is unedited and I have already come up with a bunch of changes to how I want to revise it.  It will be posted in the current draft form.  I know it isn’t a great story.  I hope that after a revision or two, that it is at least not a terrible story.

Again, let me know what you think, or what other ideas you have about how to write a better story.

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