Tells and Engs

Jilletta is a tell.  It is all that she has ever known or cared to do.   Yet she doesn’t always like her work.  She is good at her work.  She should be, since she is the daughter of the greatest tell ever.  Her father was considered to be at the apex of the art.  His confidence and delivery were the inspiration for most of the advances in this century. 
Jilletta while very good, struggles to inspire the way her father had. 
You see, Jilletta had a secret.  She actually understood the stories.  She could have as easily been an eng, if it weren’t for the expectation that she follow in her father’s path.  And it was a good path.  But it was very unusual for a tell to understand what an eng got from the stories.
Bollant was a brilliant eng.  He had worked with the best tells, and knew how best to translate the stories.  Part of his brilliance was that he also understood the value of the stories.  Though he would never share it in public, he had shaped some of the better stories used by the tells.  Most of the time, they weren’t even aware that he was changing their stories. 
In Zirnan, it wasn’t just unusual for a tell and eng not to understand the others role.  It was nearly, if not entirely, barged.  Had anyone known that Jilletta and Bollant were crossovers, they might have been flogged.
Jilletta and Bollant didn’t exactly hide their nature.  But it was something that they didn’t exactly share either.  What they did share was lunch each day. 
Jilletta always had a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Bollant always had something new.  Rarely ever did he have the same thing twice.

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