Train Pig

This painting is one that I drew first in pencil, which isn’t true with a lot of my paintings, as they’re abstract. This is more for humor than anything else. In case my handwriting is too bad to be read, the Piglet, whose name is Avocado, is thinking “Where’s Mom? There’s a stink nearby…” and the Train Pig, the mom, is thinking, “Yummy! Fly! Just! Out! Of! Reach!” with no concern for her baby. There’s a stink rising from her too, which is also for humor. The Fly is thinking “Ha!” because the Train Pig can’t reach it. On the sun, I wrote ” The Train Pig. Featuring the Piglet.” And in the clouds, I wrote in the 1st one “By:” 2nd one “Carolyn” 3rd one “Phillips”. I rather like it, though the tails could be better. I don’t think they’re as springy as I’d like. But I still like the humor in it.

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