Images: Good or Bad?

One of the regular suggestions I see, (when I am looking) in the WordPress and online presence guidance, is add pictures/ images/ thumbnails/ icons/ logos to your work.  I mean, I did that for my ‘professional’ blog.  It has a logo that I created, from things that are important to me, and are a part of my history.

For this site, I have not yet done that.  Part of the reason…  I don’t know what I expect to become of this site long term.  I expect it to hang around for at least a couple more years, since I own the domain at least that long.

When I registered the domain, it wasn’t with any real intent to ‘do’ anything with it.  As I have posted here, it was part of a joke.

Now, my daughter is posting here, and frankly her content is probably more interesting that mine.  Her first few posts are about paintings that she has done.  I think the paintings are interesting, but I really enjoy the descriptions she writes.  I am quite impressed with how she thinks, and how well she expresses herself.  Her confidence is somewhat inspiring to me.

Have you read her posts yet?  You should.

Back to my point though…  Should there be more images in my posts?  I could always use DALL-E or a similar service to come up with an image for each post.  That is if all the people that are tying up the service give it a break long enough to answer my request.


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