How I Found a Pot of Gold: Introduction

Hi. I’m Georgie the leprechaun. I am not a boy. Most leprechauns think I’m a boy. Maybe humans are smarter than leprechauns sometimes and don’t mistake me for a boy. I hope so. This story is complicated. I’m just warning you now before you read. Oh yeah. I’ll tell you about life here as a leprechaun. My best friend is Gale. And there’s also Sally. And there’s also my siblings and my parents. My older sister is Dowia. One of my older brothers is named Dannio. My oldest brother is named Tomoth. Weird names to you, but not to leprechauns. I know, I know, you’re getting antsy. Shall we begin?

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  1. Carolyn Avatar

    Hey, Dad/Michael, I’d like you to comment on all of my Pot of Gold posts and give some feedback, positive AND NEGATIVE.

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