Heavenly Potato: Chapter 2

Demex looked at the probe data again. It appeared that yet another star system had the right conditions for life. Unfortunately, this one appeared to be already inhabited with semi-intelligent life.

The indications were there, showing that they had the ability to harness energy from heavy elements. They don’t appear to be very advanced though. The ecosystem is not balanced like you would expect from an advanced species. Still, there was something there beyond basic life.

Macer looked over at Demex. “Why do you think they haven’t advanced further? It looks like they have the resources to have abundant energy.”

“It is difficult to determine. They may not have reached a level where they have stable government to properly take advantage of their resources. Remember your history, Macer. We had a period where there were fears that the energy production was going to be limited to the ruling elite. When the Zescu showed how easy it was to produce energy output, it quickly became stabilizing factor in our society.”

Macer, with the brash youngling thinking “Still, they can’t be very advanced if they have not figured out how to take advantage of physics to increase their power output.  Do you think they would be a threat to us?”

“They don’t seem to have very much in the way of space flight capabilities.  I doubt they are even going to be aware we are here.  It will take us some time to pass out of the influence of their star.  However, I think the risk of them noticing us is very low.  Even if they were to detect us, it is likely they would see us as a natural celestial body.

“We should limit maneuvering during our time in this system, but I believe the risk of detection is low.

“Do you have the new probes ready to deploy?  I would like to get a good probe survey completed before we wake the magistrate.  We will also want to add our findings to the spectral surveys we took of this solar system so that we can update our targeting information.

“Obviously, as an inhabited system, this isn’t a viable system for us, but at least the environment appears to be suitable otherwise.  Perhaps by the next waking, we will be able to set a new target system.”

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