Chapter 3: On the Way

I was feeling down. I didn’t see the rainbow yet. To tell the truth, I was scared. I just kept on walking and hoped I wouldn’t die. Little surprises would probably come, like the poop-spitting clovers, wild, ferocious animals, and leprechaun traps. I wanted to make my family proud though. I could just hear them now: “Georgie, because of you we don’t have to work double shifts for our jobs,” “Good girl, Georgie,” “Thanks, little sis.” “Little dude, you do a lot for us.” “I’m so proud of you Georgie!!!!”. It would be fun. I love my family, but sometimes I take them for granted. I really wish I could help them a lot. More than I ever have before. I’m ready. Possibly. Maybe. Okay, I’ll never be ready for something this huge. I run and keep following the small, old, unclearly marked path, trying not to think about not getting enough water and things like that. The truth was, I wasn’t feeling as confident as I sort of was earlier. I felt like I would explode from nervousness. I screamed. “AH! OBIA?!!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!” I was irritated. Obia was kind of snarky and a little mean. Not nice to have around. Most people are afraid of her, but not me. I’m not a scare de cat (if that’s how you say it) I am a cool person. When I turned around, nobody was there. Strange, I thought.

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