Chapter 4: New Companion

Well, now I have to rest. I’m exhausted. On my way, I see Gale. “Hey Georgie!” He said. “Where are you going? Where’s everyone else?” “Hey Gale” I say, running over to him. “I don’t know where everyone else is either…” Gale seems worried. “Do you think we’re the last leprechaun kids left in Lepcania?” he asked nervously. “No! Don’t be silly, Gale” I said, sounding more confident than I was. The truth was, I was terrified approaching hysterical/about to pee my pants with fright. But I couldn’t give up. This was for my family. I saw a cave. It was about the size what the humans call Mt. Everest or whatever it is. “We can rest there, in that cave,” I said, pointing to the huge area of shadows and darkness. “I dunno, Georgie. It looks kind of dangerous. Like big monsters are ready to pop out at any second and kill us with one bite, and we’ll be dead forever and nobody will know what happened to us and then-” I cut Gale off, irritated that he would mention such a terrifying thing. “Stop it, Gale! Why are you trying to scare us?!” I exclaimed, irritated. “Let’s just go inside! We won’t die!!” I ran inside, and Gale, however reluctantly, followed me.

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