Chapter 5: The Big Scare

I slowed to a halt. Gale had caught up to me and we were both breathing heavily. “Why are we here!?!?!?!!” Gale exclaimed frantically. “Why are you here? You didn’t have to follow me, you dork!” I said, exasperated. “You’re my friend, you idiot! I still care about you! I’m not going to let you go into a creepy cave in the darkness and get eaten up by a monster and then if I was wrong you wouldn’t be there to tell me ‘Told you so, silly scare de cat’!” Gale looked a little embarrassed at his sudden outburst. I was a little taken aback at that. Just then, I heard a noise. I gave a little squeak. I heard panting. It wasn’t Gale’s or mine. My heart quickened. I saw a flash of dark, beady eyes in the darkness. I was petrified. I seriously was shaking and crying softly with fear. What was going to happen to me and Gale?

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