Chapter 6: The Confrontation

I heard a loud, deep growling. It was shaking the Earth like a Sokrokatata shaking its prey. The creature prowled towards me and Gale. I heard its footsteps. Or should I say pawsteps?! I was about to scream as loud as I could, but Gale slapped his hand across my mouth before I could. I took Gale’s hand and ran as fast as I could. I was the fastest runner in the whole of Lepcania, and boy, I sure could run fast when I needed to! The creature chased us and was much faster than I thought. I was running like my ears were on fire! When we reached the end of the cave, the creature came out into the sunlight. It was a ginormous female lion! I saw little eyes peeking out from behind their mother warily. I put my hands up where the mother and the cubs could see them and knelt down so that I looked non-threatening and motioned for Gale to do the same. Gale, addressing the adult female lion, said “We aren’t here to harm you. We are no threat to you or your cubs. We hadn’t realized this was your cave and we mean no harm.” One bold little cub came out from the shadows of the cave and sniffed me and Gale curiously. I slowly stretched a hand out to the cub. She sniffed it and gave it a little lick. I gently stroked it. The little lion cub purred. The mother lion had relaxed a bit and was now coming over with a peace offering of fish. She laid the fish down and motioned to it with her muzzle. The rest of the cubs came too. We were going to feast, and I’d tell Gale later, “I told you so!”.

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