My Writing ‘Schedule’

My writing schedule, is really not a schedule.  I have tried to keep this blog active with posts by writing in spurts and scheduling those posts for specific times.  I think consistency is good, and with the scheduled postings, I feel like I can be a little more consistent.

Unfortunately, my actual writing times are anything but consistent.  I have had one block of time that was fairly consistent for a while.  That was when I was taking my eldest daughter to her clarinet lessons.  The lessons were just far enough away that it wasn’t really worth it to go home and come back for her.  But, now school is out, and she turned 16, so she can drive herself.

I don’t really have that ‘enforced boredom’ time to write.  I have a busy family, except when we aren’t busy.  Sometimes I think it is easier to get time to myself when we are all very busy.  When no one is busy, then we get into that ‘inertia’ problem that I mentioned in a previous post. We are all sitting around doing nothing and therefor we continue to do nothing. 

One thing that I have been pretty consistent with is, I have been reading a lot of Sci-Fi books.  I like them, so that is ok.  The problem is that reading them keeps me from doing all the other things I want (or even need) to do.  Between that and work (my day job), I don’t create much time to write. 

I have read (and probably heard) that you won’t be a good writer until you have written about a million words.  This seems super daunting, but I think it is meant to be a reminder.  Writing is an art which requires practice and is never expected to reach perfection.  But to reach ‘good enough’ still requires consistent practice.

My youngest daughter probably has a better attitude about it than I do.  She just writes something and lets it go.  She wants it to be good, and she wants to be entertaining.  She isn’t worried about it not being perfect.  Perhaps she can teach me her ways?

So, I need to write more, and I need to quit cheating and posting random bits that I wrote sometime in the past.  Some of what I have posted came from a class I took.  Some of it is randomness that I don’t remember why I wrote it.  I need to get back to writing with a purpose, and I need to get on a writing schedule.  Wish me luck!

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