My Beluga Family

I really love beluga whales. I first saw one when I was 5 years old at the Georgia Aquarium, and I fell completely in love with beluga whales. I visit the Georgia Aquarium often, as my grandparents live in Georgia. One time, the beluga whale exhibit was closed, and that was what I was looking forward to the most. I cried. Then, at the gift shop, I saw a little beluga whale stuffed animal, and I begged to get it. My grandma bought it for me, which I am very grateful for. I named her Boba Harley Tea the beluga whale, but I just call her Boba. Then, the most recent time I went to the aquarium, I got a big, fluffy beluga whale. I named him Bubbles Sterling Tea. Next time I go, I’m going to get a baby boy beluga which might actually be a dolphin because it is gray when it’s a baby and name it something I forgot.


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