Chapter 7: The Feastings and Festivities begin!

I offered to cook the fish and catch more. The lions accepted the offer gratefully. Me and Gale collected some firewood for the fire. Since Gale didn’t know how to start a fire, I had to start it with a rock and a stick. Turns out not only my legs are fast and strong, because somehow, I lit a fire for the fish. Me and Gale worked vigorously to carve and cut some wood into an intricate patterned pot for putting the fish into. I also made a little wooden toy for each of the lion cubs. They loved it! The shy little one that had stayed back in the cave for the most part came out, and she was beautiful! Her coat shone golden red in the setting sun, and her fur was so thick and soft! Especially her ears. I wondered if I could name the cubs. The mother lion, seemingly reading my mind, spoke in leprechaun to me. “We don’t have any names, we were never named by our parents because they didn’t care…” she seemed sad, and I didn’t like that. But I couldn’t help what came out of my mouth next. “But if you’re so… well, upset about that, than why didn’t you name your cubs?The answer was unclear to me at the moment, but when the mother lion answered, it seemed like a duh question. “Well, erm…. I didn’t know what to name them… I never interacted with cubs that had names…” The mother lion seemed frustrated and embarrassed. Immediately I felt bad. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to put you in that spot… To make up, would you like me to name you and your cubs?”

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