Chapter 8: Naming the cubs!!!!!

The mother lion did want me to name her and her cubs! First, I got to know each one, to find out what name would suit them. The shy one who had stayed in the cave for a while, the really beautiful one, I thought the name Taylor would suit her best. Once Taylor came out of her shell, she was really sweet and fun to play with. The mother I named Andrea. There was a feisty little cub I named Swifty, because he was full of energy. And boy, he could run fast!  I wondered what to name the other girl cub. I wondered if I should name her after her mother, Andrea, but I had no clue. Perhaps Kioshi (pronounced ki-O-she) might be a good name. It was a word from the old language, Kinosho, that meant faith, hope, kindness, loyalty, and strength, and, well, a lot of good things like that. I asked Gale what he thought, but he didn’t really have much opinion until I told him it was a word from the old language. He really loves talking about and learning about the old language. I guessed it was time for a history lesson. Hooray. Did you get the sarcasm. I’ll show you in a minute.

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