Part 4 of my New Story: Environmental Science

Next period was environmental science. This teacher welcomed me better. As I walked through the doorway, a young, energetic-looking teacher said, “Welcome! You look a little young, but then again, so do I! What’s your name?” He looked like he had a bit too much coffee and a bit too many donuts this morning. “My name is Michelle, but you can call me Shelly.” I said these words cheerfully, but not too cheerfully, if you get what I’m saying. “Awesome name, Shelly!” He says things like they are much more awesome and exciting than they are. He starts the class by telling us about himself. “My name is Mr. Dimming. I really like swimming, I enjoy eating grapes, it’s okay to make mistakes, except when you’re eating steak. Anyway, poetry aside, I just graduated from college. I went to the University of Tennessee. I have a girlfriend; her name is Nali. And I am very passionate about teaching. Also, this is my first year teaching, so be patient with me on this please.” After he introduces himself, he has everyone go around and introduce themselves. He went in alphabetical order, so I was near the end. “And… You! You’re the only one I haven’t called on yet! Introduce yourself!” Mr. Dimming says. I walk slightly nervously to the front of the room. I clear my throat once, then twice when no words came out. “M-my name is Shelly…” I speak very softly; I get nervous in front of a lot of people. “Speak up, kid!” Someone shouted from the back. It made me mad. “My name is Shelly. I love shells and my grandmother, Opal.” Now I spoke loud and proud, as my past teachers would say. “Bo-ring!” Someone, the same someone as before shouted. I looked around for who it was. It was a jock-looking guy, the kind that most girls are all about. He was blonde, with skin so tan it looked like he uses spray tan or tanning lotion, which is gross. His skin looked darker than his hair. Ugh. “Hey, man. If you got something worth saying, then say it. If not, stick a sock in it,” I say with absolute authority. “Making fun of me. It’s obviously not as important to you as your spray tan.” The whole room, including the teacher, goes, “Oooooh! BURN!!!” The guy blushes, embarrassed. But that doesn’t stop him from making fun of me again. “Gee. What an awesome comeback.” I’m not letting that slide. He sees it on my face. “Our classmates don’t seem to think so,” I say coolly. And then, of course, Mr. Dimming has to interrupt. “Anyway, thank you for introducing yourself, Shelly.” And then the bell rang.


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