Part 5 of my New Story: Band Class!

My third period was, as you know, band. I walk through the door, and what do you know, of course that guy from science is here. The band directors introduce themselves, and then we go introduce ourselves to our fellow band members. I found Daisy in the alto saxophone bunch. “Hey, Daisy!” I said. “Remember me?” Daisy smiled. “How could I ever forget you?” she asked jokingly. “That kid over there, the really tan dude, he is such a weirdo jerk face.” I said. “He made fun of me during Environmental Science last period.” Daisy made a face. “That kid’s name is Daren. He’s… Complicated, I guess. He’s pretty nice once you get to know him. All the girls are crazy about him though, so he’s kind of full of himself.” I wasn’t so sure that she actually knew him, because this was Daren we’re talking about, right? So, I told her, word for word, what he said and what I said. Daisy laughed, not in a mean way. “That sounds like Daren, all right. Always in the middle of something.” She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Maybe…” she muttered under her breath. “What?” I asked. Daisy blushed a little, like she hadn’t meant to say that aloud. “Sorry. Just talking to myself.” Hmmm… I thought. There’s something… Fishy, about this. Whatever. 

Then the band directors told everyone to go to their section. Of course Daren the annoying one has to make his way toward the saxophone section. “What are you doing here?” he asked, hostile. “Playing tenor saxophone, der. What are you doing? Nothing productive, I’m assuming.” I retorted. Daren looked angry and hurt, like he’d been punched in the stomach.  “I play baritone sax. Sheesh.” Now Daren’s making me feel bad. “Sorry. I’m just a little irritated at you because of what you said last period.” Now I apologize, and I’m even sincere! Why are you looking at me like that? Yes you! Reader! Person who was randomly searching up things and didn’t know what this is and clicked on it! Okay, maybe not that. But still! Anyway, Daren looks shocked, like he was amazed that me, Shelly, the stubborn, annoying, childish me, would apologize. “Th-Thank you? Um. Do you want to go to Dairy Queen after school? Me, you, and Daisy? My treat, because I was rude in science. That was uncalled for, I’m sorry.” Now it’s my turn to be shocked. I didn’t know he was going to apologize! And what’s this flippy thing my stomach is doing? Whatever. I’m not gonna turn down free ice cream, so I nod happily and say, “Thank you. I forgive you. I guess you owe me and Daisy some ice cream!”

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