Part 8: Alone with Daren

The doctors and nurses leave. Eventually my family and Daisy went home. I’m spending the night here. The only person left is Daren. “I’m sorry, Shelly. I was stupid. I will try my best to make it up to you, I really will.” Somehow, I’m not as mad anymore. I accept his apology. “It’s okay. I kind of overreacted. I think. I can’t really remember much.” Now Daren looks elated, like I told him that I was also going to give him a million dollars and a free ice cream shop. I think some of that is rubbing off on me, because now I’m absurdly happy. Now he leans in again, like earlier, then pauses, like earlier. He caught my eye for a split second, a whole world of words passing through our entwined gazes. I couldn’t see myself, but I could imagine it perfectly. My eyes said yes, he pulled me in; I was standing up by now. His arms were strong, and surprisingly gentle. Our lips met perfectly. It was beautiful, and it lasted for only a couple of seconds, it seemed. It was over. I opened my eyes again, and he did too. Daren blushed, embarrassed, like he just realized what he did. “Daisy’s going to kill me…” he said. A ripple of nausea rocked my body. “She’s never going to be my friend anymore. She’ll think that I stole her boyfriend.” I started to cry. My first love, and my first fight with my first friend in high school. And it was only the first week. Daren hugged me. “Whatever happens, we’ll be together. It’ll be okay.” He said this gently, which I appreciate. I was a mess, between fainting earlier at the ice cream shop to having my first kiss. Speaking of, I never did get my ice cream.

I spent the night at the hospital. I woke up the next morning again. And when I say morning, I mean 2:00. In the morning. 2:00 AM. In the MORNING. THE MORNING. Sorry. I had to make sure you got that. When I wake up, I am alone. I mean, it makes sense. At this time of morning, even I don’t want to be awake. It’s kind of nice, I suppose. But it’s lonely. In time, I fall back asleep, and wake again. This time it’s 10:00 in the morning. Now that’s more like it. As I open my eyes, I see a nurse walk in. “Hello, wonderful patient!” She says cheerfully. The name on her tag says Mimi. “How are you?” Hmm, I thought. How am I feeling? “I’m good right now, I guess. I just want to go home,” I said truthfully. Mimi smiled mischievously. “Do you want to hang out with your boyfriend?” I turned bright red. “Umm….” I was at a loss for words. “Sorry,” Mimi said. “I saw you guys kiss, so I thought…” Talk about awkward. “We aren’t dating.” I say, trying to put as much conviction as possible into my voice. “Not yet anyway…” I mutter. Unfortunately, it seems Mimi has great hearing. “Yet?” she asked, a spark of amusement glittering in her eyes. I sighed. I was about to respond when the doctor came in. “Hello, your name is Shelly, correct?” the doctor, Doctor Amos, asked. “Yes, sir.” I said politely. “You can go home now. I believe you are well enough for now.” Dr. Amos smiles.



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