Part 9: Home at Last!

 So, I get to go home, where I am welcomed by Lydia. “Lydia is so glad that Shelly’s home! She was worried about Shelly!” You can always tell when it’s Lydia speaking, I thought, of course she’s always speaking in third person. “I missed you too, kid.” I say, realizing as I said it that it was true. Tony wasn’t as welcoming. “I was beginning to think that if you were gone long enough, I would get the big bedroom. You don’t deserve it.” He said this. For real. The nerve of that little kid! I can’t believe him. “Well, I know a smart-mouthed kid who happens to be my younger brother who definitely doesn’t deserve the big bedroom.” I retorted. I saw Tony get mad, and then he said, ” I wish I didn’t have a sister who’s a jerk!” and then he ran to his room. “What gives?” I asked mom. “Your brother is in a bad mood. He hasn’t been very happy lately. I wonder if it’s something at school?” She says. With a pang of discomfort, I realized I hadn’t even noticed it; I was too busy wrapped up in my own dramatic life. 

I go up to my room and text Daren. I just got home from the hospital, I text. Oh nice. When are you coming back to school? He texts back almost as soon as I send it. I’ll prob be back in school tomorrow. Why do you ask? I text, answering his question. Nice. I wanted to see your face. He texts. My heart quickens. I want to see you, too. I text. I can practically imagine Daren’s grin. I can’t wait till tomorrow. Meet me at my place at 4:00? He texts. I glance at the time. It’s 3:47. Sure, I type, text me the address. Okay, He texts, it’s 152, Baker Day Drive. I do some quick math. It takes about 10 minutes to get there from my house by car. I ran downstairs. “Hey, mom!” I say loudly. “Can you drive me over to my friend’s house?” I ask. “I’ll text you the address!” I continue. My mom looked surprised. “Oh, come on, mom! Please!!!! I feel so much better! And I’ve been cooped up in the house forever!!” Mom looks thoughtful for a moment, probably thinking, you know, she has a point, I don’t suppose it would do any harm to let her visit a friend… And sure enough, the next thing she said was: “I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm to let you visit a friend.” YES! SCORE! TOUCHDOWN SHELLY! “Thanks mom!” I say enthusiastically. Suddenly I can’t stop grinning.

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