The World Revolves Around Me

The site name (TheWorldRevolvesAroundMichael) came from a joke with a radio show. In the early 2000’s there was a morning radio show with “Beaner & Ken”. I used to listen to them on my way to work each day. One of the things that I liked about the show was a weather segment with ‘Vulcan’. They would typically do that segment right on the hour. Since it didn’t take me an entire hour to get to work, and I started work on the hour, I would often miss the weather segment.

In the vein of “if you never ask, the answer is definitely ‘no’” I emailed the show and asked if they would move the segment to just before the hour. I happened to be listening at the right moment when, much to my surprise, ‘Vulcan’ read my email on air. And then proceeded to give the slowest weather report ever. And then, as the hosts were cajoling him, to get him to finish up, he had a suggestion for me. He said “Michael, I suggest you go to ‘‘.

Of course that meant that I had to immediately register the domain, get a friend who was able to create a little graphic form me, and then I published the site. I never did much with it, but it was pretty funny. I replied back to the show, and told them ‘Thanks! That really helps!” And I sent them the link so they could go see it. And then I got to hear about it on a segment they did called ‘website of the day’. They were quite impressed. Of course it is a lot easier to do that sort of thing today, but at the time it seemed like something special.

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