Unique Painting

I’ve got to admit, my titles are less than satisfactory. But never mind that. This painting is… shall we call it… unique because it’s painted on a paper towel. Bounty, to be specific. Whenever I think of Bounty I think of a quote from their ad. “Bounty, the quicker picker-upper.” It looks a bit messy, but it’s supposed to be a handprint. The Quicker Picker-Upper, my nickname for the towels, made the paint smear, as the towel assumed it was trying to pick something up. And then I think, oh my gosh, how rude of a paper towel to try to do it’s job well! Note the sarcasm. Anyway, I was originally going to use the towel for wiping my easel, which is a regular task for me. Then I accidentally let some of the watercolors run on my hand, and I thought, well, it’s a mess anyway, so I’m going to paint it. I have used it, mostly on the edges, since painting it. It actually looks rather pleasant and cheerful, especially considering some of my other paintings.

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