Argumentative Writing – Is TikTok Safe for Kids

Everyone loves TikTok, right? But is it truly safe for kids? I don’t think so. First of all, TikTok has inappropriate content. Some of the shots have swearing and violence that is not kid friendly. These clips can encourage young users to imitate inappropriate behavior. Nobody wants kids to be acting more… shall we say, adult, than necessary. I disapprove of cursing and violence. I believe you shouldn’t curse even if you are an adult. Actually, especially if you’re an adult. You’re supposed to be setting an example for kids like me. If adults start cursing and being violent in the presence of children, the children will imitate those words and actions just like they would on TikTok, and that’s not okay.

And then there’s the problem of security and safety procedures. TikTok doesn’t have a way to know for sure whether you’re lying about your age or not, so underage users can get on and start posting and commenting when they aren’t supposed to. The age you have to be to even get on TikTok would be 12 or 13, according to my sources. When you are 13 or under, you are, I believe, unable to post or comment. TikTok doesn’t filter all inappropriate content or comments either. If someone leaves a mean comment to the underage user, the user may very well take it to heart and if the cycle continues you can block that user or the child doesn’t know how to do that and ends up depressed.

People can also get addicted to TikTok. TikTok has a way of displaying that makes it impossible to see what’s next when you’re flipping through your recommendations. You might get curious about what the next thing is, so you’ll just keep on watching. You can lose track of time while doing this and even be watching TikToks for hours at a time and you don’t realize it! This also wastes electricity and energy. Next thing you know, your electricity bill is over a thousand dollars. It’s also unhealthy to be on any screen for too long. It can damage your eyes and your vision becomes permanently impaired and you have to waste money on glasses when you could’ve avoided it. These are just some of the reasons that TikTok is bad for not just kids, but adults too.

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