Behind Schedule

Since I started blogging on this particular site, I have been doing a pretty good job of maintaining a somewhat consistent posting schedule.  I had even gotten enough content ready that I had it scheduled out several weeks (at two posts a week).

Unfortunately, I allowed my work ahead to lull me into a more relaxed writing schedule.  I quickly ‘caught up’ to my backlog, and then didn’t have content that was scheduled to post.  I managed to do this at a time when I started a pretty big project at work (and this isn’t my day job).

All of this is my excuse for being a bit behind on my writing/posting.

I believe we all have at least a hundred things that we would like to do, in addition to all the things that we have to do.  Sometimes, we don’t get to them all.  As I recently joked with a co-worker, “I will get right on that as soon as I can find one of them ‘round-tuits’. But they are pretty hard to come-by.”

I am by nature reluctant to challenge inertia.  If I am active and going, I can stay active and going.  When I stop, it is hard to convince myself to get going again.

What I am trying to say, is that with my inertia problem, my work schedule and the fact that I am still not convinced I have what it takes (or know what it takes) to actually do ‘real writing’… I got behind and now I need to get back in gear and start going again.

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