It Has Been A While…

I haven’t posted in while.  Since July actually.  It has been rather busy around here. 

I may have mentioned before that I have 4 kids.  You may already know Carolyn, since she posts on here from time to time.  I also have 2 kids in high school that are in the marching band. 

Marching band starts up in July, and goes ‘til November.  I am not in marching band, but I do help out with equipment.  That means that I spend one or two days a week moving band equipment around and the other days of the week recovering.  (I am not big on exercise, and equipment crew is a lot of work.)

That isn’t really a good reason to not have posted for so long.  It isn’t like I haven’t read a ton of sci-fi books, played x-box games (like Power Washer) for hours, and generally goofed off. 

I could have traded some of that time for writing time.  I just never know where to start, where to continue, how to tell a good story.  It would probably be easier if I made the attempt though.

So, Carolyn and I have discussed participating in NaNoWriMo.  Perhaps this will be our year to succeed. 

Any hints on how to keep a brilliant 10 year old excited about writing for a whole month?


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  1. carebearcutie711 Avatar

    a brilliant 10-year-old?

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